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Finally, virtual assistants should have strong organizational skills to keep track of patient information, schedules, appointments etc. A VMOA must be able to think on its feet to solve problems in the office environment. Keep reading to learn more about the features available with a medical charting virtual assistant! The concept of a medical charting virtual assistant The concept of a virtual medical charting assistant is relatively new but is a valuable tool for medical professionals. The cost of such services may seem daunting at first glance, but Portiva's solutions are surprisingly affordable. However, a virtual medical assistant can quickly process data entry into an EHR system while ensuring accuracy. With VMAs handling many mundane tasks that burden doctors’ valuable time, healthcare providers can provide better patient care while avoiding unnecessary expenses associated with traditional methods, such as hiring in-person medical assistants or investing in costly equipment upgrades. A virtual medical assistant can take over many administrative duties that often take up precious time, allowing doctors and healthcare practitioners to concentrate on providing quality patient care. Contact us today for more information about how Portiva's medical billing and coders can help your business succeed! Portiva's medical billings are an integral part of the organization, and its success relies heavily on their qualifications. Investing in the correct virtual medical charting assistant for your course ensures that you provide your patients with the best possible care. They allow them to quickly respond to patient inquiries or search up-to-date clinical guidelines without having to manually look them up themselves. By utilizing sophisticated voice recognition software, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, and natural language processing (NLP), medical billings can quickly and accurately document patient encounters in a secure and compliant manner. Additionally, it provides detailed visualizations like bar graphs or pie charts, making it easier for practitioners to understand the presented information. billing medical