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Be aware of phishing scams and malicious attempts to gain remote access. Additionally, Portiva's analytics allow users to drill down into specific areas, such as identifying which CPT codes are generating the most revenue or pinpointing which patients have outstanding balances that need attention. In addition to traditional clinical medical assistants who work in offices or hospitals, virtual medical assistants are becoming increasingly popular for those needing remote assistance with their medical needs. Moreover, it is essential for medical assistants to familiarize themselves with information technology systems such as electronic health records (EHRs) so they can adequately document patient visits and store medical records securely online. Utilizing this technology can help streamline processes, reduce the potential for errors, and provide practitioners with the most up-to-date information needed for informed decision-making. The medical billing will document all relevant information from the visit, including vitals, physical exam findings, diagnoses, lab results and medications prescribed in an electronic health record (EHR). Utilizing a VMA enables doctors more flexibility when caring for their patients while eliminating tedious tasks that take up too much valuable time so they can focus on providing quality care instead. 3 Steps to Finding the Right Virtual Clinical Medical Assistant for Your Clinic As clinical medical practices move increasingly into the digital space, virtual clinical medical assistants (VCMAs) are becoming more and more common. This data can be used to identify health issues more quickly or determine the most effective treatments for a particular group of patients. bulk billing medical centre near me