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As a medical provider, having access to up-to-date segmentation reports is essential to the success of your practice. As a result, you will have more time to focus on other areas of patient care instead of worrying about paperwork or delays caused by inaccurate entries in the system. In addition to this feature, Portiva also provides a real-time tracking system which allows users to monitor the status of their claims from start to finish without any additional effort. Portiva is the ultimate tool for medical practices looking to unlock their potential and make the most of their billing data. This ensures that all participants are heard, and information is captured accurately and promotes collaboration between the virtual and in-house teams, significantly benefiting patient care. With the help of these steps outlined in this article, you should now have a clear roadmap on how best to find the perfect virtual clinical medical assistant for your clinical practice.8 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Medical Billing to Portiva Outsourcing Medical Billing Medical billing outsourcing is a growingly popular strategy for medical practices, as it can provide numerous benefits. In some cases, you may need to investigate specific certifications or licenses required for VCMAs in your region and any additional training courses or experience that may be beneficial. It is getting more crucial to comprehend the importance of having a certified Medical Assistant on staff for any medical practice to ensure quality patient care. With Portiva, one of the leading companies in this arena, you can trust that your practice will experience positive long-term impacts from their comprehensive billing solutions. By understanding how electronic health records systems work and the processes needed to keep them up to date, VMAs can ensure that all patient information stays secure and compliant with legal regulations. medical billing and coders